Best Folding Bike Helmets

Best Folding Helmets

My wife and I visited the Grimm brothers birthplace in Hanau, Germany this past weekend. While there we visited the Schlosspark Philippsruhe. It is a beautiful park that borders the Main river. There is an asphalt bike/walking trail that parallels the river, as well. I pulled out my folding bike from the trunk of the car and rather than putting on my clunky bike helmet I put on a golfing sun visor.

Why? I knew once we got in the park I may have to walk the bike and did not feel like carrying around a clunky helmet when I was pushing the bike. Here is where a good folding bike helmet would come in handy! When I got to the Terrace coffee shop I simply folded up my bike and put it beside the table where I was sitting. If I had had my clunky bike helmet where was I going to put that? It would take up half the small table top!

In the post, What is the Best Folding Helmet, I discuss the main folding helmets. Go take a look at the post if you haven’t already. If you are coming here from that article then I’ll point you in the direction to where you can pickup one of the best folding bike folding helmets.


The best folding bike helmet that really has my attention is the Morpher. I like the idea that you can fold it in half and easily put it in just about any bag. If you want to check out the price for the Morpher (link to Amazon), go ahead and check it out. It meets the US CPSC safety standard.

PlixiFit Black Folding Helmet


The second folding helmet that has my attention is the Overade Plixi Fit Foldable Bicycle Helmet. I like how it folds into a small almost ball like shape. Here again this could easily fit into a small bag or backpack. It comes is two size ranges and has an adjustable fitting system, as well. It also meets the US CPSC standard for bicycle helmets. If you are interested, then check out the Plixi Fit (link to Amazon) for the current pricing. It is a little less expensive than the Morpher.


Now, if you are a very stylish person then the Closca Collapsible Helmet with Grey Visor is just for you! It only collapses to half of its volume but that still may be enough for you to put in your bag or backpack. When was the last time you saw someone riding their normal or folding bike in style? This helmet not only meets that requirement, but it also meets the US CPSC standard, too. You can have a better look at the Closca Bike Helmet (link to Amazon) and decide for yourself.

Another unique folding bike helmet is the Brooks England Foldable Helmet with Fabric Cover. This helmet comes in various colors and fabric combinations to better match what you are wearing. This folding bicycle helmet is reduced in size the least of all of the helmets here by folding like an accordion. It also meets the US CPSC standard for bike helmets. You can see the Brooks England Foldable Helmet (link to Amazon) and decide if it more suits your style than the others.


Finally, there is the Biologic Pango Folding Helmet. This helmet looks like something someone in the future would wear. It is EN safety certified; however, it currently does not meet the US CPSC standard and is only sold outside of the United States. You can go to Biologics website for distributors that sell this helmet. It folds to less than half its original size and come in black and white colors.

Now, that you have looked at several of these folding helmets you have also probably noticed that they come at a higher price point than regular helmets. The question that I ask myself is, “would I have worn one of these folding helmets last weekend?” I had the regular helmet in the trunk and did not wear it. If I had had an accident or spill on the asphalt then my golf visor sure would not have protected my head from the asphalt. So, if the answer to the question is “yes” then paying more for some solid protection would be worth the cost. This is a question that you alone can answer, though.

Ride safe and may the wind be at your back!

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