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  • Folding Bike Exercise

    How to Get a Folding Bike Workout without Going to the Gym If you’re looking for a way to get a great workout without going to the gym, a folding bike is a great option. Folding bikes are convenient because they can be easily stored in your home or office. They’re also great for getting…

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  • Bicycle Workout at Home Without Equipment

      One of the biggest concerns I have seen in purchasing a folding bike is that people do not want to carry it upstairs. Instead people warn that if you do not live on the ground floor or have an elevator to take you up to your floor you better not purchase a folding bike…

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  • Bicycle Warm Up Exercises

      Hey there! I hear you want to to a little warm up before going out on a hard bike ride. Well then, how about a little warm up before we hit the road! I have looked at recommended stretches and exercises for biking and came up with a warm up that should prepare your…

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