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Discover tips, guides, and stories on traveling with folding bikes. From exploring new cities to scenic countryside rides, we’ll inspire your wanderlust and help you make the most of your folding bike while on the go.

  • How Does One Bring a Folding Bike onto an Airplane?

    Now that I’ve got a Brompton folding bike, I have to ask, “How does one bring a folding bicycle onto an airplane?” You can bring it on as a carry-on or put it into folding bike luggage and check the bag, or check it as a bike with minimal wrapping. It all depends on the…

  • What Is the Best Folding Bike for Touring?

    What Is the Best Folding Bike for Touring?

    I have wanted to tour the Rhine River with my city bike, but it is way too cumbersome to get to and from the river. A folding bike would be best for the task. I have done some research to find out what is the best folding bike for touring along the Rhine River.What is…