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Explore Bike Tire Pumps: Inflating Efficiency Now

As you saw in my post, “What Type of Pump do You Need for a Road Bike?”, there are really two types of bike pumps you should own. One for home and one for on the go. Let’s talk about the one for home use first as this will be your main pump.

For full disclosure I have only had my Brompton folding bike for less than a month and have not yet topped it off with air. Before this I used a portable electric air compressor I could plug into my car lighter for my car and bike tires. Therefore, I have been scouring the internet for reliable web sites that have done reviews on floor bike pumps. These are the five brands in alphabetical order that have caught my attention: BikeTube, Crankbrothers, Lezyne, Specialized, and Topeak.

BikeTube Air Handler Floor Pump.

Two physical characteristics of note are the gauge and pump head. The gauge reads the air pressure with 2 percent accuracy. The pump head automatically adjusts to Schrader and Presta valves. The BikeTube Air Handler Floor Pump is one of the two floor pumps that are on the lower end of the price range. The pump is rated up to a pressure of 160 psi or 11 bar. You can look at the BikeTube Air Handler Floor Pump on Amazon. There aren’t any reviews for this particular pump on Amazon.

Crankbrothers Klic Floor Pump Analog.

Have you had a problem with the air hose flopping all around when moving and storing your bike pump? Well, Crankbrothers have solved that problem by giving you a detachable hose that can be stored within the pump. This pump also works for both Schrader and Presta valves. The pump is rated up to a pressure of 160 psi or 11 bar. This pump comes at about twice the price of the BikeTube Air Handler. You can take a closer look at the Crankbrothers Klic Floor Pump Analog on Amazon. There aren’t any reviews for this particular pump on Amazon.

Lezyne Steel Floor Drive Pump.

Lezyne’s answer to the flopping hose is to wrap around the plunger and hook to the other side. This also prevents the plunger from extending when not in use. Something not seen in the first two pumps is the ability to replace the gauge should it stop working or lose its accuracy. This pump also has an air bleed button to release remaining air from the pump. The Lezyne comes with a valve core wrench and adaptors to fill balls and other inflatable objects. This floor pump goes up to 220 psi. You can see the Lezyne CNC Floor Drive on Amazon. Out of 289 reviews on Amazon, 62 percent have 5 stars and 15 percent have 1 star.

Specialized Air Tool Pro

What stands out from this pump is the non-skid surface where your shoes go on the pump while pumping. It works with both Schrader and Presta valves. The top pressure on this is 150 psi. This pump is not available on Amazon; however, you can find it at the Specialized store.

Topeak JoeBlow Sport III

Like the rest of the floor pumps covered here, this pump also adapts to Schrader and Presta valves with a twin head design. The air pressure goes up to 160 psi and also has a bleed valve to allow you to release air if you have put more in than you like. This pump also has attachments to allow you to put air in balls and other blowup items. You can see the Topeak JoeBlow Sport III on Amazon and you will notice it is another one of the lower cost floor pumps. Out of 67 reviews on Amazon, 79 percent have 5 stars and 5 percent have 1 star.

Depending on where you live and how big of a bike shop you have in your area, I have one more way to find the best floor pump. Go to your local bike shop and ask them to show you what they use for pumping up tires. I would think that whatever they are using is heavy duty and reliable because they are pumping tires every day for customers. So, go check them out and let me know what you find out!

It is time to talk about how to pump up air when you are on the road. I am lucky that my Brompton folding bike came with a mini-pump attached to the frame. But not everyone is that lucky, so lets take a look at pumps that can be used for folding bike riders.

BIKETUBE Air Handler Mini Bike Pump

This mini pump works in both directions by using a patented piston action pump. The head automatically works with both Schrader and Presta valves and has a locking lever. The mini pump can pump up to 120 psi. The BIKETUBE Air Handler Mini Bike Pump (link to Amazon) has only one review with 5 stars.

Portland Design Works Magic Flute Pump

The design on this mini pump allows you to not only work a hand pump but to also attach and use a CO2 canister, as well. The mini pump comes with a composite bracket, but be forewarned that you need to plug the hole for the CO2 canister after you have mounted it to the bike. The threads do not do well with the introduction of dirt and water and many have found out when they went to use the CO2 mount that they could not screw in the canister. An ounce of prevention here is worth a pound of sweat pumping up the tire. You can find the Portland Design Works (PDW)Magic Flute Pump on Amazon. There are nine reviews with an average of 4.5 stars on Amazon at this time.

Blackburn Mammoth Flip Pump

Here is a mini pump that acts like a floor pump. The Blackburn has a flip-out handle, a base you can put your foot on, and a small hose for connecting to the valve on the bike tire. The head fits Schrader, Presta, and Dunlop valves. The air pressure goes up to 90 psi and the pump includes an air-bleed button. You can view the Blackburn Mammoth Flip Pump on Amazon. There was only one 5 star review on Amazon.

Park Tool PMP-3 Pocket Protector Micro Pump

As one of the smallest mini pumps it puts out up to 100 psi and fits both Schrader and Presta valves. This pump has a lock lever for keeping the head on the valve during inflation. It also has a small flip out handle for better grip and pumping action. The mini pump has a clip to enable you to clip it to a pocket for ease in carrying. The Park Tool PMP-3 Pocket Protector Micro Pump (link to Amazon) has 20 reviews with an average star rating of four.

Silca Tattico Mini Pump

This mini pump puts air in up to 120 psi and has a locking head that can fit Schrader or Presta valves. There is a flexible hose that stores inside the pump when it is not being used. The Silca Tattico Mini Pump (link to Amazon) has 11 reviews with an average star rating of 4.0.

There is a bluetooth version of this mini pump at twice the cost. The bluetooth version connects to an app on your smart device to give you an air pressure reading. At this time there were not enough positive reviews on Amazon for me to recommend it; however I thought you would like to know about the other version since all of the mini pumps we have looked at come without an air pressure gauge.

Ride safe and may the wind be at your back!


How do you pump up a folding bike tire?

To pump up a folding bike tire, follow these steps:

  1. Unscrew the valve cap.
  2. Attach the pump nozzle to the valve securely.
  3. Pump air until you reach the recommended PSI.
  4. Remove the pump nozzle, and screw the valve cap back on.

What is the best type of bicycle pump?

Floor pumps with a pressure gauge are typically considered the best type of bicycle pump. They provide efficient inflation and accurate pressure readings for optimal tire inflation.

Are mini bike pumps worth it?

Yes, mini bike pumps are worth it for their portability and emergency use. While they might take longer to inflate tires due to their smaller size, they’re valuable for on-the-go repairs.

Does it matter what bike pump you get?

Yes, the right bike pump matters. Consider factors like valve compatibility (Presta vs. Schrader), pump type (floor, mini, CO2), pressure gauge accuracy, and your intended use (home use, travel, emergencies).

How much psi for foldable bicycle tires?

The recommended PSI for foldable bicycle tires can vary, but it’s often around 65-85 PSI. Always check the tire sidewall or manufacturer’s guidelines for precise pressure recommendations.

What is the PSI for a foldable bike tyre?

The PSI (pounds per square inch) for a foldable bike tire is usually in the range of 65-85 PSI. Refer to your tire’s sidewall or manufacturer instructions for the specific recommended PSI.

How much air do you pump for a folding bike?

You should pump enough air into a folding bike tire to reach the recommended PSI, typically between 65-85 PSI. Using a pressure gauge on your pump helps ensure accurate inflation.

Is 35 psi too high for a bike?

For most standard bike tires, 35 PSI is likely too low. Typical bike tire pressure ranges from 40 to 80 PSI or more, depending on the type of bike and tire. Refer to manufacturer guidelines for precise recommendations.

How much psi for Brompton?

Brompton bike tire PSI recommendations can vary based on tire type and rider weight. As a general guideline, Brompton tires are often inflated to around 75-95 PSI. Always consult the tire sidewall or Brompton’s recommendations.

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