Top 5 Best Bike Stands | For Home Repair & EZ Storage

You have your garage or bike workshop all set up with the best bike tool kit you could buy.

So, what is missing? How about something to hold your bike, like a floor bike stand or a portable bike stand for when you go on the road? Everyone reading this article has started off with doing their own quick repairs by either holding the bike or putting the bike upside down on its handlebars.

If we really want to get to work on our bike, then we need to have our hands free to work the professional bike tools that we have in our workshop. If we are working with a lot of space then floor bike stands are one way to go. For the traveling biker, of course, we need to look at portable bike stands and as it turns out all of these “floor” stands are portable.

The following five bike stands are all good for home use and as you’ll find out all of them are portable, as well.

Floor Bike Stands

1. Bikehand Bike Repair Stand (Max 55 lbs)

It is made of full light aluminum alloy with heavy-duty plastic strong head and clamps. It can be folded and easily put out of the way when not in use. It can be adjusted from 39 inches to 59 inches fully extended. There are quick release strong skewers for height, tilt, and angle.

There is also a magnetic tool plate that can be easily attached or removed. This stand has been in production for over 10 years.

The two leg design is space efficient and stable. You can mount by the seatpost, seat tube, top tube, or bottom tube. Attach to the section of the bike that makes the stand the most stable.

Bikehand also has a version that support up to 110 pounds.

Of all of these, the Bikehand Bike Repair Stand above is a #1 bestseller on Amazon. It seems to be the right choice between price and quality for the home user.

Except for Park Tool (which is known for its great quality workmanship), all of these have over 1,000 ratings on Amazon. All the stands have received 4.5 or 5 star ratings.

2. Park Tool PCS-9.3 Home Mechanic Bicycle Repair Stand

It is made of an all-steel structure with durable textured powder coat finish. The stand can be folded quickly and compactly for storage using knobs and support straps. It can be adjusted from 39 inches to 57 inches fully extended. The clamp has 360 degrees of rotation.

There is a tool tray and collar available for the stand, but it is sold separately. The clamp has narrow jaws (2.7 inches) and adjusts to fit one to three inch diameter tubes and seatposts of any shape or material.

The Park Tool PCS-9.3 supports up to 80 pounds.

3. Yaheetech Pro Mechanic Bicycle Repair Workshop Stand

It is made of sturdy and high quality iron and PA and this is the one of two stands shown here with four support legs (this also means that it will take up more floor space). The stand is easily folded for storage and is approximately 44 inches long when in that position. The Yaheetech has an adjustable height of 42.5 to 74.8 inches. There is a 360 degree clamp with quick release (some people mention that since the clamp is smooth the bike will turn within the clamp).

This stand includes a tool tray with brackets, magnetic strips on the inside and wholes for tools on the outside.

The Yaheetch Pro Mechanic Stand can support up to 66 pounds.

4. Bikehand E Bike Repair Stand (Max 110 lbs)

This repair stand is made of heavy-duty aluminum alloy with a strong head and clamps. It is lightweight and compact when folded for easy storage or carrying. It has s quick release and adjustable from 39 inches to 59 inches. There are quick release strong skewers for height, tilt, and angle.

It includes a foldable magnetic tool plate that is easily attached or removed by hand.

The Bikehand E Bike stand supports up to 110 pounds.

5. SONGMICS Bike Repair Stand with Quick Release

The SONGMICS repair stand is made from steel tubing. It is easily foldable with the telescoping tubing and foldable legs, so it can be stored somewhere without taking up much space or put in the trunk of your car for traveling. You can adjust it from 39.8 inches to 67.3 inches using the quick release clamp.

A small magnetic tool tray comes with the repair stand.

The SONGMICS stand supports up to 66 pounds.

Bench / Wall Mount Bike Repair Stands

I thought about adding the bench and wall mount bike repair stands to this article. However, they are really different from floor stands. So, I’ll write a separate article that will cover both bench and wall mount bike repair stands since they are more similar to each other.

Until then, ride safe and may the wind be at your back!

Les Waller

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