• What is the Best Bicycle Chain Lock? If you want to find out the best bicycle chain lock, one place to start is Amazon. The e-commerce giant has listings of thousands of them. All the best-selling bicycle chain locks are on there and you can read user reviews of each. But there’s a valid reason […]

  • A folding lock is one of the three main types of bicycle locks, the other two being the chain lock and the U bolt lock. You can see my review of U bolt locks on the “What is the Best Bicycle Lock” page. My review on chain locks will be written after this review. What […]

  • How Do I Lock Up a Folding Bike? Imagine riding around town and you decide to stop at a restaurant that will not let you bring in your folded bike. You are left with two options, either leave or lock up the bike. How do you lock up the folding bike while you are having […]

    Les Waller